Something Else, Really?

In light of CNN and them labeling the Indigenous community as Something Else, I thought it was appropriate to wear my ‘LANDBACK’ earrings from @indigeniousintentions. My thoughts: Are we that much of a threat? You come onto our land, Change our way of life Kill so many of us Take our children And still weContinue reading “Something Else, Really?”

Indigenous People’s Day

I choose to highlight these books/graphic novel by Native American/Indigenous Authors/illustrators. Kagagi: The Raven by Jay Odjick & Patrick Tenascon The Brave by James Bird Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse Today is Indigenous People’s Day in the U.S. It used to be called Columbus Day, or is still called that by people. However why shouldContinue reading “Indigenous People’s Day”

Coven Family

My Coven is honestly amazing. It is filled with amazingly talented, compassionate, strong, genuine human beings. Who would have thought that a simple chat group of bookish individuals could turn into what we are now. I know some people may balk at Coven. It is NOT a cult. We happen to like some witchy thingsContinue reading “Coven Family”