Reaper of Souls

Today, February 16th is Release Day for Rena Barron’s Sequel to Kingdom of Souls. Power is a gift—and a curse. In this explosive sequel to Kingdom of Souls, Arrah has the one thing she’s always wanted—at a terrible price. The above snippet is from You can also take a Character Quiz to find outContinue reading “Reaper of Souls”

New Year, New What?

How many times do we say, “It’s a New Year, a new me” ? How many times do we make a resolution only to give up by Spring? I told myself that I wouldn’t cry. I told myself that I would focus on me. I knew I was lying to myself. After so many yearsContinue reading “New Year, New What?”

It’s ok not to be ok

It’s been way too long since I posted on here. Honestly it’s easier just to post a quick picture on IG than to write a complete blog post here. I have been severely depressed the last few weeks, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it from pictures I post. Plus filters also make thingsContinue reading “It’s ok not to be ok”

Something Else, Really?

In light of CNN and them labeling the Indigenous community as Something Else, I thought it was appropriate to wear my ‘LANDBACK’ earrings from @indigeniousintentions. My thoughts: Are we that much of a threat? You come onto our land, Change our way of life Kill so many of us Take our children And still weContinue reading “Something Else, Really?”

The last straw w/ OwlCrate

I have been a subscriber of a book box, OwlCrate for two years. 2018-2019 I usually quite enjoyed the boxes they curated. However September 2019- Now, the boxes have been hit or miss. Quality of items has gone down and also lack of BIPOC books/shops chosen. This month’s box was the final straw. I filmedContinue reading “The last straw w/ OwlCrate”

Indigenous People’s Day

I choose to highlight these books/graphic novel by Native American/Indigenous Authors/illustrators. Kagagi: The Raven by Jay Odjick & Patrick Tenascon The Brave by James Bird Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse Today is Indigenous People’s Day in the U.S. It used to be called Columbus Day, or is still called that by people. However why shouldContinue reading “Indigenous People’s Day”