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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of the books listed below. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wings of Ebony by J. Elle

I was approved for this eArc via NetGalley. All thought and opinions are my own.
When you read a story of magic, but also relatable events, it will stay with you forever. Wings of Ebony is that book.
For those that may not be able to relate to the rawness, realness and unapologetically Blackness, suck it up.
Some of the stuff Rue dealt with in her hood I could totally relate to. Her being protectiveness over people she cared about.
The blatant racism in not only America, but Ghizon too.
If I could give this more than 5 stars I would because I wanted to cry, I wanted to fight, and because of that J. Elle made a story come to life.
Read it, if you can handle getting a glimpse into what every day Black folks go through. Read if you want to know where true magic comes from. Most of all, just read.
I finished this book December 31, 2020. The story is still manifesting across my mind. So much that I had to write a new post for my blog.
Thank you @authorj.elle for being so inspiring.
Revenge Cake by Skyler Mason

I just stayed up, to finish this book and write a review. Holy Shit!

I chose this book because the title and the description intrigued me.

Can I just say BRAVO! ENCORE!
I give this 4 stars based on the epic ness of Lani alone. She did what every girl (well ok me) wishes they could do, but is too scared/honorable to do so. She took back her power and made it her b*!
Was the ending realistic? Not at all. (In my opinion though it was sweet Hahaha. ) This book was straight toxic (in a good way), but damn if it didn’t give some of us vindication. I truly enjoyed reading this.
The beginning was kind of slow, but when it picked up. I could not stop.
Also as someone who deals with anxiety as well, I connected with Lani. Her mode of self preservation I can totally relate to. It’s not right, but sometimes it’s all you have when you don’t want to be hurt.
One last tidbit, the naughty scenes, A+.

The Witchbeast by Samantha Eklund

The Witchbeast title, cover art and synopsis intrigued me.

Admittedly I did almost quit reading after the first few pages cause I was not expecting spoiler the main character to be a sex worker. Nothing wrong with that, but how the scene was written, I would’ve appreciated a warning about certain aspects of the storyline.

Overall the writing style was easy to read and flowed well.

Some complaints were the romance aspects weren’t necessary. It felt rushed as times and unrealistic in others. Also it felt like key information was missing in regards to the item they were looking for. It felt very vague and I’m still unsure how it all ties in together. Perhaps that was done purposely and will be revealed later on in the series.

My last complaint is the casually brushed off way it was revealed about two of the characters ethnic background. I got the impression it was done as a last thought or was put there to make it seem like a diverse cast. It came up out of nowhere and didn’t add any substance to the overall story line.

Granted even with the issues I had, I do still find the overall idea of The Witchbeast interesting. Hence my three star rating. Others might enjoy it.
Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant

I picked Happily Ever Afters because both the cover art and the synopsis intrigued me.

Happily Ever Afters has quite a bit of heavy real life moments that required me to pause. They make you think and reevaluate certain aspects.

Tessa Johnson is finally attending her dream school where she will get to share her stories. However, her anxiety gets the best of her and it seems like her gift has vanished. With the help of Caroline who hatches a plan. Find Tessa real-life love to get her writing mojo back.

Not only does Tessa have typical teenage worries; surprise period, navigating a new school, boy trouble, but she also has home life to think about. As much as she loves her brother, there are moments you can feel her annoyance not just at him but her parents for holding her to a different standard.

Overall I do think the story was nicely told, it was relatable and easy to follow along.

My only critique is the amount of puns or comparisons to a certain fandom could be less. It wouldn’t detract from the storyline.
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