Let me talk to you about FlyRhopa

As I mentioned in my first post, I would be talking about my home girl, Elliy Luck’s small business. She is the proud owner of Fly Rhopa which has just celebrated their first year of being open. Most items are very affordable and she does deals almost monthly. Several individuals, myself included have rep codesContinue reading “Let me talk to you about FlyRhopa”

Coven Family

My Coven is honestly amazing. It is filled with amazingly talented, compassionate, strong, genuine human beings. Who would have thought that a simple chat group of bookish individuals could turn into what we are now. I know some people may balk at Coven. It is NOT a cult. We happen to like some witchy thingsContinue reading “Coven Family”

What is Plumita’s Casa?

Plumita’s Casa is my House. It is a way to share things that are special to me. Yes, I have friends I could share privately with. Yes, I have a public instagram (bookstagram) and yes I have a YouTube. However, some people don’t have those and like to read or see others blog. Like IContinue reading “What is Plumita’s Casa?”