Inside Obsidian Moon Crate

Obsidian Moon Crate is a new Book Box Company, whose first box will debut December 2020. It was announced earlier this week that the sale date for the box will be November 7th at 0930 EST, so that international buyers have an opportunity to purchase.

I personally am super excited for it, as I know many others are as well.

Taylor Nelson or most known as _the_literary_witch_ on IG is the owner behind Obsidian Moon Crate (OMC).

Here is a Q&A, that Taylor was gracious enough to participate in.

Q: When did this idea first come about?

A: I had been think about it for a little over a year, but there was another book box very similar so I didn’t want to step on any toes by starting this one. But, that book box seems to have stopped responding and selling boxes. So, I jumped on the chance to start this one as soon as I realized that spot in the book box world had been left empty.
Q: How do you differ from other book boxes?

A: Hmm, besides the fact that Obsidian Moon Crate is the only witchy, dark box that I’ve seen.. I’d say my commitment to 100% transparency and honesty. As well as, my dedication to include LGBTQIA+ and POC/BIPOC authors/shops as much as possible, and NOT just when it’s trending.
Q: What books (genres) will you include?

A: Fantasy, Hi-fantasy, grimdark, maybeeeee a thriller or horror book here and there. But, mainly fantasy and Grimdark. Anything with a darker feel.
Q: What types of items people can expect, info about her, her favorite books, stuff like that? (Question from @ darjeeling_and_jade )

A: Awesome ones! Lol!
Definitely useful items. Obviously, candles, crystals, and other witchy things. But I’ll also include some other crafts from around the world as well, like voodoo, hoodoo, and others.

Maybe some wax/oil burners, book sleeves, enamel pins, metal bookmarks, magnetic book marks, definitely mugs and other drink ware, blankets, consumables like tea/coffee/hot chocolate.. Honestly I’m open to any and all suggestions for items. My main priority is including high quality items that YOU actually want.

Let’s see.. info about me.
I’m from Georgia, USA.
I’m 28, married with two monsters masquerading as little boys.

I love books with complex villains. I’d rather an anti-hero than your typical, lovable MC.

My favorite book series are; All for the Game by Nora Sakavic, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Nevernight by Jay Kristoff, and Shades of Magic by VE Schwab.
Q: What won’t you ever include in boxes?

A: Harry Potter items, licensed or not. I do not ever want to encourage anyone to give that TERF money, and I feel like I would be if I allowed any of the items in my boxes. I’ll also never include books/items from any racist, anti-BLM, homophobic, or transphobic authors/shops.
Q: What do you hope OMC will give to the community and why did you want to start it? (Question from @bookworm_panda)

A: Honestly, my main goal is to provide a spot for those of us that have been overlooked by the bigger boxes.

I wanted to create a box for the POC/BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ readers that the rest of the book community seems to have forgotten.

I wanted a box for those of us who like the darker aspects of life.

Not every book needs to be fluffy and feel good, with a straight, white Mary Sue MC. Not all the items need to be cutesy and prissy.
(NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THOSE THINGS!!) but, personally 🤷🏻‍♀️, give me gay love, POC/BIPOC MC’s, skulls and bones, real tarot cards, and crystals, Spell candles and protection bags.. herbs, flowers, and salts, and other usable items.. ya know, the good stuff.

I have been in the works to open a non-for-profit rec-center/bookstore/safe space for LGBTQIA+, POC/BIPOC and Foster teens in the Metro-Atlanta area, but with Covid it has been put on hold indefinitely. So, I thought I would take that dream of mine and turn that towards a book box.
Q: When will boxes typically go on sale?

A: The first week of the month before shipping. So, my 2021 boxes are planned for March, June, September and December. Which means they will go on sale the first week in February, May, August, and November respectively.
Q: Any plans for subscriptions?

A: Yes, but initially, no. I want to build a strong foundation of trust with my customers before I offer subs. So, hopefully, if everything goes smoothly, starting late 2021 or early 2022 I will start to offer subscriptions.

If this box sounds like something you’re interested, then I suggest you check out their website . You can find them on Facebook, Obsidian Moon Crate. As well as on Instagram.

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